We provide Health & Safety compliance, including policy development, risk assessment (both general H&S and Fire) for your business.

Our compliance methods include comprehensive and up-to-date staff training programmes, covering:

Forklift Truck Operator Training

Initial & refresher

Manual Handling Training


Manual Handling Training


Health & Safety Training

Health & Safety awareness
Health & Safety employee representative
Fire Warden/Marshall

Dangerous Goods Awareness Training

Road, sea & air

Aviation Security Training

Air Cargo to all levels
General Security Awareness Training (GSAT)
Currently, our assignments include safety projects and skills refresher courses within key accounts. If you need a seasoned professional with security and dangerous goods specialisms then please contact us here...


Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

Organisations who package, consign, load and carry dangerous goods by road must appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA).

The DGSA advises on and monitors compliance with the carriage of dangerous goods; prepares annual reports; and ensures that all specified procedures are in place and adhered to.

Black Rose Consultancy & Training ltd can act as your DGSA, saving you money on exam fees and utilising our expert knowledge to ensure your compliance.

  • Dangerous Goods Consultancy & training covering Road, Sea and Air transport modes.
  • Dangerous Goods Consultancy & training visits and legislation updates. Health checks to ensure you are operating in the required manner regarding the products and services you are providing.
  • On-site, telephone and email support as required, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • To provide you with an annual DGSA Compliance Performance Report for the transport of dangerous goods – a legal requirement in ADR for any undertaking working with dangerous goods.
  • Incident investigation.
  • Advice on packaging, training, ADR and vehicle requirements.
  • Training for packers, consignors, loaders, off-loaders and transport office staff.
  • Advice and validation for dangerous goods consignment under ADR (UK & EU Road), the IMDG Code (Sea), IATA DGR (Air)

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Health & Safety Compliance and Management

Appropriate Health & Safety procedures and policies help to inform and protect your employees, ensuring that they have the necessary guidance to deal with their working environment.

It is also important to be able to demonstrate your compliance should you receive a visit from the HSE or a fire officer.

In addition, having the correct Health & Safety documentation in place helps protect you, the employer, from possible employee claims and legal action as well as the possible repercussions of an unsatisfactory HSE or fire inspection.

We can help ensure that you have all of the procedures, policies and documentation required to be legislatively compliant.

We can give you help and advice on health & safety which may include:

  • Conducting a comprehensive health and safety check
  • Providing recommendations and corrective action timelines
  • Providing risk assessment guidance and best practice procedures suitable for your different departments and operations
  • Providing Health and safety policies for your organisation
  • Employee health and safety induction programs tailored to your organisational requirements
  • Guidance and training in specific areas such as manual handling, forklift/warehouse operations and training.


Health & Safety training improves your staff's performance while making them feel valued and respected.

When working in a safe, healthy environment, your staff will inevitably be more productive and committed. Everyone benefits from a healthy workplace.


  • Health & Safety awareness
  • Health and Safety representative training
  • Manual handling (office)
  • Fire Warden/Marshall
  • Workplace first Aid.


  • Dangerous Goods Safety advisor service
  • Dangerous goods awareness training (all staff)
  • Dangerous goods training by road and sea
  • Dangerous goods by air.


  • Forklift Truck operator training (initial and refresher)
  • Manual Handling (warehouse/operational)
  • Dangerous goods awareness training (all staff)
  • Data Protection/Information security training.

Transport Management Services

Black Rose Consultancy & Training ltd offers national and international HGV Transport Management Services to small companies and individuals who require an Operator's Licence.

Many organisations who need to run, operate, or own a vehicle that requires an Operator's Licence cannot afford a full-time Transport Manager. We can help you resolve this problem. We can provide an external transport manager for your organisation at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time Transport manager.

Consultancy Services

Black Rose Consultancy & Training ltd also offers a range of individual transport management consultancy services.

Please Contact Us to discuss how we can help resolve your problems.



National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety


Chartered institute of logistics and transport in Ireland

International Certificate of Professional competence (CPC) Heavy goods vehicle operators


Scottish Qualifications Authority

Dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA)


Civil Aviation Authority

Dangerous goods instructor examination passed


Department of Transport

Aviation Security Instructor CIN number 0661


Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register

Registered Instructor/Examiner


Case Studies

Case Study One


A large multinational courier, air road and sea freight operator had an incident where a security guard was hit by a reversing vehicle and was seriously injured in the exterior yard.

The HSE were called in and three possible prohibition and five improvement notices were issued to the organisation were given three months to implement changes and improvements or face a complete shutdown of the site.


A program of retraining was instigated with Health and safety awareness taking the forefront.

A complete traffic management system covering all vehicles and pedestrians was put in operation within the yard. All exterior loading and unloading by forklift trucks was reviewed and a new procedure was put in place. The yard was re painted with clear road markings giving clear, delineated pedestrian routes and designated loading bays for large goods vehicles and smaller vans. Flood lighting was put in place for the winter months for night loading.

All in All over £25000 was invested in training, physically amending the operation and upgrading equipment and procedures.

The result was that the HSE dropped all three prohibition notices and possible fines and all five improvement notices were completed.

Case Study Two


A small electrical contractor began to expand and had no Health and Safety program or procedures in place for its increasing large office team and self-employed subcontractors.


A full health and Safety policy and statement was put in place. Risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) for all of the different electrical operations was drawn up and put in place.

All staff and sub-contracted electricians were trained in the new RAMS and the health and safety policy.

A health and safety management system was put in place and a robust attitude to health and safety and ongoing training was taken up by the company resulting in the company winning more new business and expanding further.

Case Study Three


An Airfreight ground handler at Heathrow airport had some incidents with a Forklift truck operator damaging freight and equipment causing some financial losses and possible dangerous accidents.


A full review and assessment of the operators practical forklift skills did not show a lack of skills in the actual operation of the vehicle but when the theory side of the review was conducted in the classroom it was found that the operator had some small vision issues.

A vision test was conducted by the company Doctor and it was found that he needed glasses to operate the vehicle safely.

A refresher training session and retest brought the operator back up to full standards required and reduced the incidents to almost zero.

About Us

Safety is our Business

Health and Safety is not an obligation. It's an opportunity. Healthy, secure and well-trained staff are proven to be better motivated and better prepared to add real, tanglible value to your business.

Our Health & Safety processes augmented by comprehensive staff training will help you build a thriving and sustainable workplace where the health of your staff and the wealth of your business go hand in hand.

Shane Brennan

A veteran of the transport industry, Shane has forty years' experience managing heavy goods vehicle operations and warehousing in some of the country's largest multi-modal logistics and transport companies.

A qualified International CPC Transport Manager, Shane is also our DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser) taking care of ADR compliance and reporting requirements on behalf of clients.

As a principal consultant, he is available to provide expert advice and guidance on all matters concerning transport management, compliance, and Health & Safety within these industries. He is also one of our lead trainers regularly running workshops and onsite refresher courses for our clients all staff levels.

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